Monday, September 27, 2010

Healthy Juice - Provides Folate For Pre-menopausal Women And Prevents Heart Attack

Healthy juice is an excellent and natural source of nutrient for the body. Natural juice - fresh fruit juice and vegetable juice, can provide pregnant and pre- menopausal women with the daily recommended supply of folate. The suggested daily intake of folate is also known to prevent heart attacks.

What is Folate?
Folate is a vitamin B. It is recommended that all pre-menopausal women consume at least
400mcg of this vitamin daily. Folate appears to offer protection against colon and cervical cancers and is also believed to help prevent certain birth defects. Based on findings, high intake of folate(400mcg/dly)during pregnancy can prevent serious birth defects. According to experts, women who are planning on becoming pregnant should consider taking a folate supplement.

It has been said that folate also helps in the prevention of heart attack. High concentrations of a chemical called homocysteine is known to speed up the process of plaque formation (artherosclerosis) in our arteries, accelerating the chances of heart attack. However, an increasing number of studies have shown that taking 400mcg/dly of folate along with vitamins B6 and B12 prevents heart attacks by reducing homocysteine levels in the blood. Usually 5 to 9 daily serving(recommended serving) of fresh fruits and vegetables can supply the body with these nutrients.

Based on the USDA National Database release 2009, one raw beet contains 89 mcg of folate and one medium carrot contain 12mcg . With this information you can easily supply your body with a percentage of the daily recommended 400mcg of folate by simply consuming a refreshing glass or two of carrot-beet juice each day. The recipe provided below will show you how to prepare a single serving of 6 to 12 ounces of refreshing “carrot-beet delight”.

Health Juice- How to Prepare Carrot-Beet Delight

Carrot-Beet Delight Recipe
*2 medium carrots
*1 medium beet
*1medium lemon
*Sugar or fresh honey

*Wash beet and carrots thoroughly and remove any visible pits
*Cut carrots and beets into portions that can be easily fed in juice extractor chute
*Remove peel from lemon
*Juice beet first, then carrots and lemon
*Add water to increase portion if needed
*Add sugar or fresh honey to juice

Additionally, beet also supplies the body with potassium, phosphorous, water, vitamin A, phosphorous and energy. Carrot supplies the body with both beta and alpha carotene, water,vitamin A,ascorbic acid, potassium and other nutrients.

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