Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Juicing Recipes - Healthy Fruit Juice Recipes

Exercising regularly and eating right are two of the most important approaches to good health and longevity. Yet,these are the two things we often tend to neglect. I can't help stressing on the importance of fruits and vegetables in our daily diets.

Due to our busy schedules,most of us can hardly find the time to take care of our bodies. However,no matter how busy we are, we should set aside the time to nurture and preserve our bodies,for these two simple reasons:
1.Medical bills can be costly.
2.Once our bodies start to deteriorate we might not be able to undo the damage done.

To get you off on the right start,I have prepared a few simple juicing recipes for you. Each of these recipe will yield two 6-10 ounces servings.

1.Sunset Tango
*1 Cup cranberries
*4 Tangerines
*1 Teaspoon sugar

*First juice cranberries
*Then juice Tangerines
*Add sugar to Juice
*Chill or serve with ice

2.Mango Pineapple  Zing
*1/2 - inch slice fresh ginger
*1medium size ripe mango
*1/2 fresh pineapple

*First juice ginger
*Then mango
*Then pineapple
*Serve chill or with ice

3.Golden Banana Delight
*1Medium banana
*3Medium apples
*2Teaspoons honey

*First juice banana
*Then juice apples
*Add honey to juice
*Serve chill or with ice

4. Summer Zing
*1/4-inch slice fresh ginger
*4 medium carrots
*1medium apple

*First juice ginger
*Then juice carrots
*Then Apple
*Serve chill or with ice

5.Tropical Paradise
*4 Oranges
*1/2 Fresh pineapple

*First juice pineapple
*Then juice oranges
*Serve Chill or with ice

6.Tropical Sunrise
1Ripe mango
2Cups strawberries
1Cup white grapes

*First juice mango
*Then juice strawberries and grapes
*Serve chill or with ice

7.Morning Delight
1Medium size beet
2Celery stalks
2 Medium size apples

*Juice beet first
*Then juice apples and celery
*Serve chill or with ice