Friday, October 25, 2013

Weight Loss - The Magic of Watermelon

As the number of people searching for the fastest and easiest way to lose weight continue to grow, so does the manufacturers of weight loss supplements. However, most of these supplements have failed to deliver the results often promised. Watermelon,--- a popular and delicious fruit consumed a lot during the summer--- on the other hand, has been found to be one fruit that contains a natural supplement that truly helps with weight control. Usually, the best way to lose weight (healthy), is to consume a stringent diet and burn fats in muscles --- which is exactly what watermelon will help you to do.

Study on Watermelon
Based on findings, watermelon aides in the building of lean muscles mass, simply because it helps to increase the body's production of amino acid arginine. It’s believed that when there is an elevation in the level of arginine in the body, this usually promotes the production of nitric oxide.

Watermelon, allegedly is a very good source of the amino acid citrulline. After it’s eaten, it then goes through a chemical process, first,  citrulline is converted inside the body to arginine, another amino acid that has a direct influence on nitric oxide (NO)levels.

Benefits of Nitric Oxide
This gas is known to improve blood circulation; and with an improvement in circulation, muscles tend to experience a better growth and a faster recovery time, simply because nutrients will be transported to the muscles at a much faster rate.

Nitric oxide works to dilate blood vessels, thus producing the coveted "pump" that generally occurs as a result of lifting weights. In addition, the enlarged size of blood vessels allows nutrients to be delivered to muscle cells that need to be replenished and recovered, more quickly. The citrulline obtained from watermelon can play an important role in triggering this process.

How to Reap Maximum Benefits of Watermelon
According to researchers, because there is an abundance of citrulline found in the rind of watermelon, to experience the maximum benefits of this fruit, it’s best to eat it all the way down to the white, after working out, due to the fact that that’s the moment the body is most deprived of nutrients.  This will help to greatly enhance the transportation of protein and other nutrients to your muscle cells.

Based on one study appearing in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry on “The health benefits of watermelon“, researchers discovered that mice that received watermelon juice supplement gained 30% less weight those that didn’t receive the supplement. The researcher also found watermelon to be among the foods that promote weight loss.  Another finding was that animals experiencing diet-induced high cholesterol, when given the juice of watermelon (with no water added), lost more abdominal fat than those who were fed watermelon juice with water.

Although the above finding has revealed some rather convincing benefits that can be obtained from eating watermelon, still, there was no information provided on the amount or daily servings of watermelon that one should consume to gain muscle mass, experience a reduction in abdominal fat or weight loss. However, because watermelon is a healthy fruit, it doesn’t hurt incorporating it in your recommended 5-9 daily servings of fruits and vegetables.