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Juicing Recipes - Healthy Fruit Juice Recipes

Exercising regularly and eating right are two of the most important approaches to good health and longevity. Yet,these are the two things we often tend to neglect. I can't help stressing on the importance of fruits and vegetables in our daily diets.

Due to our busy schedules,most of us can hardly find the time to take care of our bodies. However,no matter how busy we are, we should set aside the time to nurture and preserve our bodies,for these two simple reasons:
1.Medical bills can be costly.
2.Once our bodies start to deteriorate we might not be able to undo the damage done.

To get you off on the right start,I have prepared a few simple juicing recipes for you. Each of these recipe will yield two 6-10 ounces servings.

1.Sunset Tango
*1 Cup cranberries
*4 Tangerines
*1 Teaspoon sugar

*First juice cranberries
*Then juice Tangerines
*Add sugar to Juice
*Chill or serve with ice

2.Mango Pineapple  Zing
*1/2 - inch slice fresh ginger
*1medium size ripe mango
*1/2 fresh pineapple

*First juice ginger
*Then mango
*Then pineapple
*Serve chill or with ice

3.Golden Banana Delight
*1Medium banana
*3Medium apples
*2Teaspoons honey

*First juice banana
*Then juice apples
*Add honey to juice
*Serve chill or with ice

4. Summer Zing
*1/4-inch slice fresh ginger
*4 medium carrots
*1medium apple

*First juice ginger
*Then juice carrots
*Then Apple
*Serve chill or with ice

5.Tropical Paradise
*4 Oranges
*1/2 Fresh pineapple

*First juice pineapple
*Then juice oranges
*Serve Chill or with ice

6.Tropical Sunrise
1Ripe mango
2Cups strawberries
1Cup white grapes

*First juice mango
*Then juice strawberries and grapes
*Serve chill or with ice

7.Morning Delight
1Medium size beet
2Celery stalks
2 Medium size apples

*Juice beet first
*Then juice apples and celery
*Serve chill or with ice

Monday, September 27, 2010

Healthy Juice - Provides Folate For Pre-menopausal Women And Prevents Heart Attack

Healthy juice is an excellent and natural source of nutrient for the body. Natural juice - fresh fruit juice and vegetable juice, can provide pregnant and pre- menopausal women with the daily recommended supply of folate. The suggested daily intake of folate is also known to prevent heart attacks.

What is Folate?
Folate is a vitamin B. It is recommended that all pre-menopausal women consume at least
400mcg of this vitamin daily. Folate appears to offer protection against colon and cervical cancers and is also believed to help prevent certain birth defects. Based on findings, high intake of folate(400mcg/dly)during pregnancy can prevent serious birth defects. According to experts, women who are planning on becoming pregnant should consider taking a folate supplement.

It has been said that folate also helps in the prevention of heart attack. High concentrations of a chemical called homocysteine is known to speed up the process of plaque formation (artherosclerosis) in our arteries, accelerating the chances of heart attack. However, an increasing number of studies have shown that taking 400mcg/dly of folate along with vitamins B6 and B12 prevents heart attacks by reducing homocysteine levels in the blood. Usually 5 to 9 daily serving(recommended serving) of fresh fruits and vegetables can supply the body with these nutrients.

Based on the USDA National Database release 2009, one raw beet contains 89 mcg of folate and one medium carrot contain 12mcg . With this information you can easily supply your body with a percentage of the daily recommended 400mcg of folate by simply consuming a refreshing glass or two of carrot-beet juice each day. The recipe provided below will show you how to prepare a single serving of 6 to 12 ounces of refreshing “carrot-beet delight”.

Health Juice- How to Prepare Carrot-Beet Delight

Carrot-Beet Delight Recipe
*2 medium carrots
*1 medium beet
*1medium lemon
*Sugar or fresh honey

*Wash beet and carrots thoroughly and remove any visible pits
*Cut carrots and beets into portions that can be easily fed in juice extractor chute
*Remove peel from lemon
*Juice beet first, then carrots and lemon
*Add water to increase portion if needed
*Add sugar or fresh honey to juice

Additionally, beet also supplies the body with potassium, phosphorous, water, vitamin A, phosphorous and energy. Carrot supplies the body with both beta and alpha carotene, water,vitamin A,ascorbic acid, potassium and other nutrients.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Health Juice - The Health Benefits of Carrot - Cucumber Juice

Health Benefits of Carrot
Carrot is very rich in beta-carotene and a good source of antioxidant which helps to soak up oxygen free radicals before they can cause damages to cells. Free radicals can cause premature aging and several diseases by attacking and destroying certain lipids and proteins of our cell membrane and DNA.

Just one medium raw carrot alone will provide the body with 20,255 IU (International Units) of beta-carotene. When you eat carrot the beta- carotene is then converted to vitamin A in your body. Dryness of the skin, and damages to the hair and nails may be due to a lack of Vitamin A. Different areas of our bodies will benefit from the daily consumption of carrot juice. Based on findings, the antioxidant properties of carrot help to prevent cancer, and other diseases, by disrupting free radicals.
For decades, carrot has been known to help improve vision due to the conversion of its beta-carotene to vitamin A. If the body is lacking in Vitamin A, this may cause your vision to be poor at night -- commonly known as night blindness. If you are unable to see well at night, this can cause a major problem, especially if you have to do a lot of night driving. An individual can easily detect whether or not he/she has a vitamin A deficiency by simply walking from a well-lit room to a dark or dimly-lit room and observe whether or not the eyes have any major problem adjusting to the change in light.

Health benefits of Cucumber
According to researchers, a compound known as Sterols -- found in the skin of cucumber, has shown to lower cholesterol in animals. It is also believed to contain other excellent health benefits because of its rich source of vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium and molybdenum.

The fact that cucumber is very low in both cholesterol and saturated fat, it’s considered an important part of our daily diet. Cucumber has also shown to have a cleansing effect on the bowel and the body’s digestive acid. Based on findings, it also contains other compounds that are very efficacious in treating rheumatoid arthritis.

How to Make carrot-cucumber Juice
Note: Use the amount of carrots and cucumbers that will give you your desired amount of juice. Orange and lemon are used to flavor juice and also help to prevent discoloration of juice during storage. An Eight ounce cup of orange juice and an eight ounce cup of lemon juice will each provide the body with 120mg and 110mg of vitamin C respectively.

*Wash cucumbers and Carrots thoroughly.
*Peel skin from oranges and lemons and cut them into pieces.
*Cut carrots/cucumbers in halves or so that they can be easily fed in food chute.
*Do not overload the food chute.
*Simply place each piece of carrot/ cucumber/ lemon/lime into food chute one at a time.
*Gently and slowly press with food pusher to extract the maximum amount of juice.
*If pulp collector bin gets full before you finish juicing, turn off unit and empty bin.
*Replace bin and continue juice extraction until you are done.
*Add water if needed .
*Filter juice through layers of cheesecloth or coffee filter if you desire a clear drink or need to get rid of any foam.
*Sweetened to desire taste with honey.
*Serve over ice or serve chill.
Also seehttp://mackyi.hubpages.com/hub/Why-Should-you-Drink-Carrot-Cucumber-Drink

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Health Juice - Getting Started

Obviously, you are going to need a good juice extractor to prepare your fruit and vegetable juice. Juice extractors come in different sizes and are manufactured by several different companies. The sizes and features really depend on whether the appliance is intended for household or commercial purpose. Most juice extractors I have used to prepare my health juice so far,were intended for household use only, so all had certain similar features. See list of common similar features below:
*Food Pusher
*Food Chute
*Pulp Bin
*Juice Spout
*Juice Cup

Usually the cutter/strainer may need to be replaced after several usage because it's a very delicate screen subjected to wear and tear. It also depends on how frequently you prepare vegetable juice or fruit juice.

For power, easy usage,and ease of cleaning up after you have finished preparing your vegetable juice recipes or your fruit juice,I strongly recommend a Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor. I personally own one of these juice extractors. I have been using it almost every other day to prepare my health juice for the past few years, and have not experienced any problem with it so far. Furthermore,it comes with 25 fruit drink recipes and lots of instructions on how to use and care for your unit.

Healthy Juice - Your Source of Antioxidants to Combat Aging Cancer And Other Diseases

Healthy juice such as vegetable juice and fresh fruit juice should be a part of one's daily diet, especially for those who do not consumed enough fruits or vegetables, on a daily basis. Fresh fruits and vegetables are thought to have significant effects due to their antioxidant properties.

Antioxidants are said to have the ability to thwart several chronic diseases. Vitamin C, E, beta-carotene ( a precursor to vitamin A), and the mineral selenium are antioxidants. Currently, a lot of research are being done to investigate the effects of antioxidants in preventing several chronic diseases.

Oxygen is used to change carbohydrates and fats into energy, during metabolism. Oxygen is transformed into stable forms of water and carbon dioxide, during this process. However, a small portion of oxygen usually ends up in an unstable form, referred to as oxygen free radicals.

Free radicals attack and damage proteins and lipids, in particular cell membranes and DNA. This damage is thought to contribute to the development of conditions such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, emphysema, cataracts, Parkinson’s disease, and premature aging. Solar radiation, cigarette smoke, radiation and other environmental factors also seem to encourage the formation of free radicals.

It is believed that antioxidants may offer protection by absorbing free radicals before they can cause any damage to cells. If any damage has already begun, antioxidants may also interrupt the sequence of reactions, preventing certain chronic diseases.

Antioxidants are found abundantly in food. Fruits and vegetables in particular, provide a very rich source of antioxidants. However, surprisingly only an average of 9% of all Americans eat the minimum five daily serving of fruits and vegetables!

For some unknown reasons,approximately 91% of the U.S. population just do not enjoy eating fruits and vegetables. However, one possible solution to this is to encourage them to substitute soda pops and other high caloric value beverages with natural juice. Drinking healthy juice such as fresh fruit juice and vegetable juice could be an ideal substitute for those who do not seem to enjoy eating either of both.

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