Saturday, September 25, 2010

Health Juice - Getting Started

Obviously, you are going to need a good juice extractor to prepare your fruit and vegetable juice. Juice extractors come in different sizes and are manufactured by several different companies. The sizes and features really depend on whether the appliance is intended for household or commercial purpose. Most juice extractors I have used to prepare my health juice so far,were intended for household use only, so all had certain similar features. See list of common similar features below:
*Food Pusher
*Food Chute
*Pulp Bin
*Juice Spout
*Juice Cup

Usually the cutter/strainer may need to be replaced after several usage because it's a very delicate screen subjected to wear and tear. It also depends on how frequently you prepare vegetable juice or fruit juice.

For power, easy usage,and ease of cleaning up after you have finished preparing your vegetable juice recipes or your fruit juice,I strongly recommend a Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor. I personally own one of these juice extractors. I have been using it almost every other day to prepare my health juice for the past few years, and have not experienced any problem with it so far. Furthermore,it comes with 25 fruit drink recipes and lots of instructions on how to use and care for your unit.

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